I can't login to my blog...not through my mess-up laptop.

I can only use my hubby's laptop to login.. no Chinese input, though.

The only way to work around this problem is to type in Word file,

email to my Yahoo! account,

steal hubby's laptop and copy paste..

I will do so when I have time.


Recently I just have too many things on hand.

6 schools and clubs for me to work/volunteer, plus my part time business.

Most of time, I feel great at my busy schedule but occasionally sad at seeing my blog wasted.

I miss writing my girls' little stories.

I miss sharing my feelings in friend's blog and "chatting" with friends using article comments. 


Real life becomes so real that virtual life almost extincts.

Still, I will be back, when the time is right!

(or my laptop retires!)


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